We’re Insurance Partners — the Nurture Network

Insurance Partners is in the general agency business. Our mission is to augment and supplement the markets that have contracted directly with retail independent agencies. The member agencies own the business they produce. Because we are augmenting and supplementing, the member agents are much more self-directed.

The majority of profits made by our members are generated through profit sharing agreements. Insurance Partners maintains a highly-disciplined approach that attracts business that will generate profits for the companies. Adverse selection is the natural enemy of Insurance Partners and is scrupulously avoided. The primary means of avoiding adverse selection is by working with agencies who value their Insurance Partners membership. Further, Insurance Partners takes care to sell only those products that are correctly priced.

Insurance Partners has been in existence since 1989, much longer than our competitors. We pioneered the idea of independent agencies working together to become individually stronger. The success we’ve had producing profitable business for companies has allowed our members to earn lucrative contingent commissions. In many instances, our member agencies make more total commission working through our aggregation than they would through direct company contracts.

Although Insurance Partners is not a franchise, we help our members succeed by immersion in their marketing, accounting, education, and product placement needs. We will help them land the contracts they need to start and will help set up their accounting. They receive the full up-front commission for the first twelve months of membership, allowing them to have a better chance of success. From day-one forward, they receive a fair share of the contingent commissions, and one hundred percent of bonus commissions, trips, and other prizes. We reward our members for growth by capping the amount we earn annually from up-front commissions at $12,000, thus allowing the agents to earn full up-front commissions on some of their business.

We leverage our reputation for honesty and integrity, and in-depth understanding of insurance products to provide unparalleled opportunities.

We are the aggregator who truly understands the members’ needs and wants to help them achieve their goals.

We ask the insurance companies to differentiate between us and the other aggregators:

  1. We understand insurance much better and can help THEM reach their goals more easily.
  2. We work hard to communicate THEIR needs to our member agencies.
  3. We are much more concerned about positive underwriting results than we are concerned about increasing our production.
  4. We understand the immense role of healthy retention ratios.