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Q. Is there a service fee?
A. No fees are charged in North Dakota. Minnesota agents pay a $25 monthly fee.

Q. Will my agency be able to do business with all Insurance Partners companies?
A. Each company retains its right to do business with agencies of its choice. If a company already has an agency in your trade area it may elect not to open its market to you. Each company is encouraged to have its own agency selection process. Companies may elect not to write business in certain states. Most current
Insurance Partner companies choose not to do business in North Dakota. . .at the current time.

Q. Is my agency required to make a volume commitment to each Insurance Partners company?
A. Individual companies may establish whatever goals they deem necessary. Agencies are not required to work with every company.

Q. What are the commissions paid by Insurance Partners on the various programs?
A. Commissions vary with each company and each program. It is the philosophy of Insurance Partners to keep commissions to agents as high as possible through volume sales. For details, see the commission schedule.

Q. Do Insurance Partners companies accept Agent of Record letters on accounts?
A. Most accounts can be transferred freely with an Agent of Record letter. Many of Insurance Partners companies are asking 60 days lead time to honor an Agent of Record letter.

Q. After I join Insurance Partners, how will I know another Insurance Partners’ agency won’t be established right across the street from me?
A. Insurance Partners agencies are granted exclusive rights to their “core” marketing areas. If it is determined an agency is not providing Insurance Partners representation which helps Insurance Partners grow, that agency could subsequently lose its exclusivity in its marketing area

Q. Are Insurance Partners companies competitive?
A. Whether or not an Insurance Partners company is competitive changes from risk to risk and from territory to territory. An effort is made to tell you which companies are competitive in your area, and on what type of risks.